Monday, 14 September 2015

Open Letter To Ellen Degeneres - NO TO LEATHER

Dear Ellen Degeneres:

   Throughout the years I have always been a huge fan of yours, seeing you as a person who inspires many, speaking out and standing up for animals worldwide and even taking your fame and powerful voice & nature to do what is right.

    The encouragement, education & inspiration makes you an empowerer, and to be honest i had always hoped, and even still do, that you would never change or bend these high qualities in which makes you such a unique individual.

    So you could just imagine the great sadness, and even let down when I read about your plan to launch an "ED by Ellen" shoe line, which includes real leather -- and I really prayed that this was some kind of misprint, and that you didn't have your animal angel wings clipped...

    I know right now that you are receiving much outrage and a tsunami of backlash from individuals worldwide, some of your supporters included, but even through the sadness & let down due to your plan to use real leather - there is this part of me that still has faith & hope in you, that you have inspired me so much that I could inspire you just a bit to get you to rethink your decision to go forward with this - and not subject innocent beings to a lifetime of suffering...

    I am not sure if you will read this open-letter, but it is an attempt that I must take as an animal activist/advocate, a voice for our voiceless, and a believer in you --- do not let your candle that burns bright for the welfare/well being of animals be dimmed, continue to let it shine bright and say NO to using real leather.

P.S.  Animals are Living Beings, NOT Products for Profit - #RaiseUrPaw

Thank You
Douglas Atherton


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