Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Jewish Chicken-Slaughter Gets OK from Judge - What Do You Think?

Should the death of thousands of lives be considered "Religious Freedom"? even if these lives are those of chickens?

   Well, according to a judged, who ruled on Monday, this religious (2,000-year-old) ritual can proceed to take place on the streets of Brooklyn - and now many are outraged over this outcome, including countless animal rights groups.

  The practice of Kaporos, during which chickens are slaughtered before the high holy day of Yom Kippur to atone for sins, involves grabbing chickens by their wings and swinging the birds above their heads three times and saying prayers. It is said that the purpose of this act is to transfer the practitioner's sins into the bird & then slits the chickens throats with a sharp knife & then donating the meat to the poor - according to sources.

   Animal rights groups and individuals state that such a practice is not only cruel and inhumane, but also chaotic public nuisance.


In my opinion,as an animal activist/advocate & President of Raise Ur Paw, a Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, I do not agree with permitting such a massacre, whether or not if inflicts upon a persons religious freedom, because in my own personal opinion "animal sacrifice" is out-dated and does not belong in a civilized society.

   I know at this point that there will probably be many who will  disagree, or have negative opinions about what I have to say, but in all due respect to permit such actions like this, is like stating that you are okay with the Taiji Dolphin slaughter or Dog/Cat Meat Festival, considering that they are known as "age-old traditions".

   It is truly devastating that such acts of animal cruelty/inhumanity is permitted due to the fact that it might go against someone's rights or freedoms - but what about the rights/freedoms of animals, do they deserve to be treated in such a manner - to be treated so cruelly and inhumanely because individuals feel that doing so will rid them of their sins.

    What about the public? who have to observe such cruelty, the health and safety issues that may come from this, or the countless issues of animal cruelty -- isn't animal cruelty against the law? and if it truly is why do some get a pass for such actions. Would we feel the same way or permit such acts if they were being done to other humans?

When do we as individuals finally say enough is enough, to bring forth a whole new look on life - that all life deserves to be treated respectfully and compassionately, and that nothing should excuse any brutal/inhumane or cruel action towards or against life.

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