Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A SOUL WITHIN - A Raise Ur Paw Poem

Let humanity observe within my eyes, what many ignore to see
An immortal essence that is called a soul, a power that resides in me
They try their best to deny it, but is this denial really fair?
That just because you cannot see something, means it isn’t there?

Who says that a soul is something only humans can hold inside
For if we cannot see this spirit, how do we know it does reside
Perhaps if many seen the truth, they would treat us differently
To show compassion and respect for us – an act of real humanity.

It’s true that we are different, but possessing life we are the same
Like many races of life on earth, we own an immortal flame.
We do not request a lot on earth, but don’t deny us what you don’t know
Take a second to observe with in my eyes, a spirit that will forever glow.

Take these words in which I state, and share them far and wide
In hopes that one day the world will see – the soul we have inside.

~ Written By Ben Sterling

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