Friday, 2 January 2015


    Well it seems the internet is "BUZZING" about photos that Sarah Palin posted on her facebook - showing images of her son, Trig, who has down syndrome, standing on the back of their furry family member (black Lab retriever.. I believe) and it is certainly causing more than just a stir of outrage, but fueling political views from individuals claiming that the negative comments and outrage is because of her being a politician!

    I have to say that these photos did catch my attention, as does the countless other images that other individuals have posted- showing the exact same actions and some even worse - and my views and opinions on this issue has absolutely nothing to do with political status, but that permitting such actions can sometimes cause damages and injuries to not only the animal itself but the child as well - and it is imperative that parents take upon themselves the responsibility to not only protect their child, but also the animals in order to prevent a negative outcome from happening.

   So with that being said, instead of taking a picture that could lead to a negative outcome, or battle with words trying to defend actions - why not take the moment to educate and encourage respect and compassion, which will lead to a more positive experience -- the choice is ours to make!

    I understand what it is like to be somewhat centered out due to opinions, views, and even actions we have taken - and although sometimes we feel the need to "put our guards up" and throw back words - we aren't really achieving anything - except more negativity which is not leading to an outcome that is imperative and positive.  It should be a lesson learned and not fought about - educating, encouraging and empowering compassion & respect to living beings.

   Yes I agree that name-calling towards the innocent child that some have said was clearly inappropriate and unacceptable, and that there were some stating that if the dog was bothered it would move - but what if the dog did move and threw the child off, causing serious injury etc to the child - I am certain that concern by the parents would be there, and therefore perhaps blame the dog for such actions (possibly leading to the dog being given away, put in a shelter or worse "killed")! That is why it is important that we, like I said, "Nip These Actions in the Butt" before such events do take place.

   I also wish to say that Sarah Palin is not the first person to post such pictures on the net, and won't be the last - and she has even put it out there using a photo that Ellen Degeneres put up of a young girl standing on a dog -- So I believe that the attacks should not be upon one another, but make it an eye opener of how imperative it is to educate our youth, stop them from doing such actions that can either hurt them or the animal, we are meant to be role models, guardians and protectors - and so we have a responsibility and duty to fulfill.


      When matters & issues such as this takes place - it is important that we take the opportunity and this occurrence to teach our children about the importance of compassion and respect towards innocent life (not only for animals but individuals as well) even if the animal doesn't seem to be in distress or being hurt or in pain etc - it is still an opportunity to "nip the issue in the butt" before it comes down to a negative outcome later on down the road, which could lead to be life-threatening or damaging to both the animal and the child.

       According to research, clearly stating, that compassion plays a key role in helping children develop into engaged, caring and optimistic adults - that such development can be achieved and first witnessed through experiences which they observe and participate in with parental and influential aid and demonstration. 

       It might also be essential to take the opportunity to reach out and request assistance as well from schools, clubs, etc to join along to assist in the education and development of compassion and respect for living life - creating after school activities, programs, providing out youth with excellent resources to establish these skills and participate in these practices, involving the parents, guardians etc as well .. a family experience!

      Taking a positive approach and role to educate, encourage and empower our youth should never be something to argue or be negative about - for it has nothing to do with politics or an individuals status - we need to be an example and demonstrator of compassion & respect - after all compassion starts at home.

Please COMMENT ways that can help aid and teach compassion & respect for innocent life - We can all do this together but first we need to RAISE OUR PAWS UNITED.

 Thank You

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