Monday, 12 January 2015

POWER OF THE PAWS - Request For Support To Ban Yulin Dog Meat Trade 2015


Dear Sir or Madam;

   We at RAISE UR PAW, a not-for-profit incorporation, are writing this letter to request your immediate & urgent support in aiding the ban of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which is due to take place on June 21, 2015.

    As members of humanity, we are truly saddened and many outraged over the fact that such a barbaric and inhumane festival and trade still continues within a modern civilized society - and we hope that what we present to you will not only help you understand the reasons for this sadness and outrage - but also raise awareness within your eyes and give you an outlook on the concerns and negative impact that this festival/trade has not only on the beloved animals, but the people as well.

    First of all we would like to share with you the health concerns & risks that go hand in hand with the consumption of dog meat; risks and concerns due to rabies and other viruses, diseases and illnesses that come from the animals themselves which people are taking into their bodies. Please understand that these beloved canines travel, sometimes for days, in crowded and unsanitary conditions - many having low immune systems, which added together makes them susceptible to spreading these health risks onto civilians and other animals.

   With the Government permitting such a festival/trade to occur, they are putting in jeopardy the lives of their civilians, not to mention the animals that suffer and endure the torturous treatment and suffering that such festival/trade enforces upon them. 

   This should be considered a hazardous safety issue, considering that canines are not meant to be raised as a food source, so therefore standards and policies for food safety do not apply or enforced. This being said, there is no way to prevent sick and dying animals from passing illnesses, viruses etc  (due to transportation, slaughter and preparations) onto the humans in which consume them – and due to this public health issue it should be in the Governments best interest and imperative that this festival/trade be shut down before an outbreak causes damage & deaths of their people.

   We also must acknowledge the cruelty and torture in which these animals endure – stemming from being electrocuted, skinned/boiled alive, being beaten and stabbed to the point that they are left to suffer and bleed out, because some believe that extreme trauma and suffering of these beings tenderizes the meat, making it better quality etc.  Does this really seem like a humane action?

   This festival/trade is raising outcries of negativity & outrage from individuals worldwide – including individuals from China because of the barbaric and torturous nature and actions – not to mention has also brought upon conflicts and according to sources even violence due to many of these canines are stolen pets, along with strays and dogs which are raised on dog farms for such events/trade such as this.

   In our time, and the time of the past, we have come to observe dogs as more than just man’s best friend, but beacons of loyalty, companionship, unconditional love and respect – even putting their own lives and health at risk and on the line to help humanity and protect them, isn’t it time that we unite as one and be the same beacon for them – to protect and keep them safe so that they are not paying for their loyalty and unconditional love for us with their innocent blood and suffering.

   Please RAISE UR PAW along with the countless others who are dedicated and speaking out against this issue and support the ban on the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and Dog/Cat meat trade – it is time that we take the first step towards making a better and compassionate world, not only for animals and us humans but for our future generations to come.

Thank You



  1. in god name please stop this cruel and horrible slaughter of cats and dogs please educate the next generation to have compassion and love all creatures moving towards a no kill world how wonderful that would be

  2. we can make a difference. its us against china

  3. Please stop this cruel "festival!" My heart is breaking for the innocent animals who must endure this torture, for the families that have had their family members (pets) stolen to support the supply, and for those involved who have never/will never know or understand the special love and loyalty of these companions. Bless the souls lost to this insanity.