Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Dozens of animals which have died at the KHAN YOUNIS ZOO in the Gaza Strip has caused more than just concern – but also a social network tidal wave of outrage.

   On February 2, 2015 The Daily Mail presented the world with an article that literally froze many readers in their tracks with the images and story of the innocent lives that had perished within the walls of this prison of captivity.  The descriptions of how flies buzzed around the emaciated body of a lion, decaying within the sun, as a nearby mummified baboon corpse lies on the ground – it’s head still tilted up as though looking out of its enclosure... was just the start of the haunting images that will literally burn its imprint in one’s mind.

  But Zoo’s Owner Mohammed Awaida has blamed the Palestinian and Israeli conflict for the tragedy, stating that it meant that staff were unable to feed or care properly for the animals at the zoo – but as I read through this article I couldn’t help but question if the blame should only fall upon the conflict, considering that they know that such issues exist, so why are they not calling upon aid and support to have these animals that reside within the Zoos on the Gaza Strip removed and placed in locations which they can receive the appropriate care and protection, instead of being left to die. 

   This is more than just unable to feed and care properly for these animals, these babies are being left to perish from starvation and dehydration, and according to the article no form of Government body will oversee the Zoos, and no animal rights movement in this region  - leaving these babies and the zoos unsupervised.

  It is truly a shame that innocent lives are dying within these places instead of being free in which they were intended to be, and that no form of protection is there for them  and only provided with basic care.  The Governments of these countries needs to take responsibility of these beings, considering that it is their countries who are enslaving these babies and denying them their freedom and natural development.

   This haunting article should not only be heartbreaking and angering, but also an eye-opener that when it comes to prisons of captivity, laws must be placed and enforced in order to provide these innocent lives with the protection and care that their captors should offer and be responsible for.

Something Needs to Be Done To Help & Stop This From Happening Again.




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