Friday, 13 February 2015

STOP THE CULL - Our Open Letter to Government of British Columbia.

Dear Government Officials of British Columbia, Canada:

    We are writing this open letter to you in hopes of someway persuading you to rethink your plan on going forward with the cull of innocent wolves, which you have decided upon in an attempt to conserve the endangered mountain caribou.

     We feel that this plan in which you have established, will fail to achieve any improvement to the recovery or the decreasing population of caribou – considering the other threats and real destruction of this endangered species is permitted to continue on with the wiping out and destruction of the threatened species’ habitat and survival.

     This threat and key player is the industries that are being allowed to destroy the important component of the Caribou’s recovery – their habitat, and it is truly a shame that wolves are being pointed out as the targets of blame and used as scapegoats, when the real issue is the actions of man (logging, access roads, human activities).

      According to sources, approximately millions of taxpayer’s dollars are going towards this cull, instead of being used for the main focus at hand, the conservation of endangered mountain caribou – and such use should be put towards humane methods and strategies such as enforcing measures to stop the destruction of their habitat and survival, to work towards improving the caribou recovery, such as steps in which to repopulate the species, and work towards protection of the caribou’s habitat etc.

       The power to do was is right for the survival of all life falls upon us, a responsibility and duty that we as humanity need to carry out.   To claim lives in order to conserve another, is not/nor will it be the answer, we need to find solution using humane methods and strategies to fulfill the goals in which we aim to achieve.

Thank You


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