Friday, 19 September 2014

Technology Vs. Life --- Which is Media Going For????

As I sit here doing my daily RAISE UR PAW information & reporting - It became very clear to me how MEDIA perhaps isn't as focused on global events & issues as they had seemed to be in the past -- well not when it comes to the issues that animals endure on a daily basis that is...

     Now don't get me wrong, I understand fully that there is a huge hype for the iPhone 6 - but honestly to blow up the media about it, especially when there is a dolphin slaughter happening in Taiji, Japan - a slaughter that much of our media is either refusing or ignoring to report.... wouldn't you think that saving innocent lives is more important than a piece of technology???

     I don't know about everyone else, but to me this is truly heartbreaking, and also disappointing, that technology and unimportant events are being put ahead of some real issues that need to be dealt with & reported on --- you would think it would be common sense - correct? but hey reporting on a guy who bought the first iPhone6 and then dropped it on the sidewalk is something extremely important to report on -- (rolling eyes at media).

    Does the Media truly not see these issues that are right in front of them, pleading and crying to be reported on --- (Taiji Dolphin Slaughter, The happenings at Mendoza Zoo, the cruelty of Animal Experiments, the list goes on and on....) When are they going to open their eyes and see that these issues are huge problems, and need to be put out there so that more people can become aware and involved at creating solutions, help in the efforts to getting these problems stopped so that countless lives will be saved?

    I know that I am ranting away here - but as part of humanity, I am disgusted by the fact that animal issues are being pushed to the back burner - that innocent creatures are being tortured, slaughtered, abused and so many are turning their heads away instead of doing something to help --- leaving it up to dedicated and what I call "Animal Angels" to take on the responsibility of being saviors & fighters for our voiceless, when it should be the whole world that is taking part in the fight for animals in need worldwide.

When it comes to TECHNOLOGY VS. LIFE ---- Life should always come first!

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