Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nothing To Celebrate - Stop the 2015 Yulin Dog Meat Festival!

Yulin, China plans their Annual Dog Meat Festival for 2015? WTH????

   That's right my dear readers you read that correctly, a DOG MEAT FESTIVAL - an event that started in the early 1990's in Yulin, a rural part of china where every year around 10,000 dogs are massacred and eaten on or around June 21st.

    It truly blows the mind at the inhumanity & insanity that such a heartbreaking and sickening act can be permitted to occur - and that the Government of China seems to be turning a blind eye to the whole situation, even though so many animal activists are flooding social media, the world with documentation & images of the cruelty and brutality that is taking place - even standing on the front lines to help man's best friend from being part of the menu.

    As an animal activist/advocate, and dog lover - I am literally sickened and angered at the idea of these loyal and companion animals being inhumanely tortured, beaten and skinned, boiled alive all due to the fact of some humanity's insane traditions & gruesome theories, and even made into a festival --- celebrating the suffering and barbarism that these acts involve.

And where do these innocent lives come from or where are they found? Well by truckloads, tightly crammed in cages, unable to move - coming from "dog farms" or former pets and strays that have been rounded up, mistreated and disrespected as if objects of no importance --- and if any of you are in disbelief, I can guarantee that you would find countless heartbreaking images if you were to do a search on Google or Yahoo.

      You see that is why this barbaric trade needs to be brought to an end - CHINA has NO REAL ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS that protect these innocent babies from this display of inhumanity - and due to this fact it also means that this unofficial trade is not even subjected to trade, health or food production laws either.  So therefore, this basically means that these dogs/cats are vulnerable victims & are allowed to be targeted without any protection or justice from the Government... It is heartbreaking, but true!

DID YOU KNOW???  That China is not the only place that torture and consume dog/cat meat - that it has been documented that 12.5 Million dogs/cats are being consumed by places such as Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and others....

It is time that we join united to not only bring light to this issue at hand, but to also be part of the solution - to protest the Government of CHINA to create more enforceable and strong animal protection laws and to see to it that these actions are stopped permanently. We also request that you continue to spread the word worldwide, whether it be by social media, or getting out into the community --- every voice counts when it comes to helping animals in need.

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We can all make a difference! SAY NO TO DOG/CAT MEAT!
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  1. Stop this barbaric act!!! Dogs and cats aren't meant to be eaten. No other animal is, either, as far as I am concerned. ALL animals are put on this earth to be loved, not tortured and eaten. STOP THIS BARBARISM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!