Friday, 12 September 2014


First, we at RAISE UR PAW would like to send our deepest sympathies and prayers to the Manchester Dogs' Home, who fell victim to tragedy last night (Thursday, Sept. 11) which not only took away their place of rescue but also claimed the lives of many innocent animals along with it.

   This tragedy that swept through a Dogs' home has now apparently claimed the lives of 60 animals, according to police statement - and it is also reported that a 15 year old boy has apparently been arrested on suspicion of arson and is being questioned at this time.

   With the sadness that lingers within us for the countless lives that were taken - we must also take a moment to thank the rescuers that saved the 150 dogs that have now been moved to sister site, Cheshire Dogs' Home, and also the many individuals, businesses etc that have take the moment of their time to donate and help our fellow animal angels in need.

    It truly shows the greatness of a nation when we can come together as a unity to help those in need - whether it be to express sympathies, thoughts, and prayers - to aiding and supporting the efforts that are made in order to save and help those who need us so desperately.

A statement from the home was made, stating "The staff and trustees of Cheshire Dogs' Home near Warrington would like to express their enormous gratitude for the huge support received from the public following the devastating fire at its sister site, Manchester Dogs' Home last night"

    Although this tragedy has created such a huge reaction of sadness & devastation, it has also brought upon a huge reaction of love, support & aid - opening hearts and hands & bringing together humanity - showing the great kindness of individuals worldwide to make this tragic event a little easier for those who are suffering.

     We at RAISE UR PAW would like to request & plea that if you have a moment and you would like to help out in anyway that you can, to please do so  - your support would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a link where you can DONATE  ---

Thank You For Opening Your Heart!



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