Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Year Ago (Sept 19th) Poem - "Missing You!"

It’s hard to believe a year has passed
since you went away
to a place where you are finally at peace
without pain and free to play.

But here I sit thinking of you
And all the memories that we made
Missing you with every inch of my soul
And wishing you would have stayed.

I know it’s unfair for me to think this way
Especially everything you went through
It just hurts so bad not seeing you here
And living with the pain of missing you.

I thank you PJ for giving to me
A love that nothing can compare
For all the happiness & sweet memories
That we got to share.

Be happy Sweet little girl
For you will forever be in my heart
I know one day we will meet again
Never again to be apart.

~ Ben Sterling.

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