Friday, 19 September 2014

A Plea For Help - Open Letter to US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy

Dear Caroline Kennedy, US Ambassador to Japan;

 On January 17th 2014, you had tweeted this statement regarding the Taiji Dolphin Slaughter:

"Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. USG opposes drive hunt fisheries."

    I know you are a very busy woman, with many responsibilities on your plate at this time, but I am curious if your concern for the inhumaneness of the Taiji Dolphin slaughter & enslavement is still present - and if you have taken steps already to aid in the fight to get this cruel and barbaric slaughter stopped once and for all.

    It is now September 2014, and the slaughter & enslavement of these beautiful creatures is once again darkening the waters of the Cove, and it seems that the pleas & cries of the world are falling upon deaf ears, the ears of those who have the power to bring this inhumane nightmare to an end.

    It is crucial that the Government of Japan gets this clear message to stop this massacre once and for all, not only to save the countless lives of God's creatures, but to also save Japan's reputation - a reputation that is being stained by these heartless & merciless actions of these fishermen, and the demands of these industries who seek out to pay for the dolphins meat, or their enslavement.

 Your father once said:  "Things Do Not Happen, Things are Made to Happen!"

   I truly believe this quote, because in my personal opinion things cannot be seen, they are made to be seen - that is why the dolphin slaughter & enslavement was permitted because not many people knew that it even existed, until the dedication and devotion of animal angels opened the world's eyes to the truth - showing us and shining the spotlight on the reality of what some humanity will do or allow in order to achieve the almighty dollar, a mere piece of paper that has claimed and tortured thousands of innocent lives.

        Please Ambassador Kennedy, we are looking to you & Governments of the World to Raise Ur Paw along with the countless others to finally make this dream a reality --- To finally end the Taiji Dolphin slaughter & make the cove waters forever remain blue.

Thank You
Raise Ur Paw



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