Thursday, 19 January 2017

Shut Down Bandung Zoo -- Open Letter to President of Indonesia

Dear President Joko Widodo;

   We at Raise Ur Paw and individuals of society are writing to you about the disturbing and inhumane viral video that has been circulating throughout social media -- showing within the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia a group of starving and skeletal-like bears: which according to many sources has been apparently going on for months.

    Judging by the matter at hand and the condition in which these innocent beings display, the Bandung Zoo is clearly and most-definitely negligent and irresponsible --- and that such actions against beloved animals should be seen as a criminal act.

   According to much research and through other sources, this is not the first time that innocent lives were treated in this inhumane and horrific manner -- many have even perished due to such actions within the premises -- without any remorse or changes in order to better or make difference to the welfare and well-being of these innocent beings.

   We are reaching out to you and extending the urgency to please take this imperative concern and issue into your immediate attention, and use your political power/influence to put pressure upon others within your Government to make the necessary and dire steps needed to save and protect these innocent souls that are enslaved and mistreated there.

     This form of action that we are requesting is one that will surely make a positive difference not only in the lives of the animals inhabiting there, but for the future generations to observe that we had come together as a unity to make the impact to protect and be voices for our voiceless and demonstrate compassion and respect by not tolerating or accepting such cruel and inhumane treatment within our modern society.

     We are truly hoping that you, as President of Indonesia, will shut down the Bandung Zoo, find and demand appropriate and suitable veterinary care for all the inhabitants there, re-locate these lives to either sanctuaries or within the custody of appropriate animal-rights organizations, and lastly, to make changes or create animal welfare laws so that this issue does not appear again.

Please RAISE UR PAW --- We Are Counting On Your Support!


Thank You
RAISE UR PAW @raiseurpaw


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