Saturday, 21 January 2017

RAISE UR PAW CHALLENGE -- A Challenge For Life.


MAKE FEBRUARY ( Animal Adoption/Fostering Promotion Month)

The Raise Ur Paw Challenge --- What is it exactly and What Does It Do???

   The Raise Ur Paw Challenge, is a challenge in which we at Raise Ur Paw created in order to promote the adoption and fostering of sheltered animals in need -- and encourage individuals, like yourselves, to participate in and share with others for their involvement as well.

   With the countless images of beloved pets that are constantly being shared and tweeted out on a daily basis through social media (via Twitter and Facebook) in search of loving homes, families and second chances at life and love --- we wanted to take that extra step and create another method to better their chances.

    This challenge encourages participants who have been nominated to either make a video in which promotes adoption/fostering of sheltered lives, or the video could give a short message about the issues that causes countless lives to be brought to humane societies/shelters, or even a picture of yourself promoting adoption/fostering etc.  Within the video you must use the hashtag #RaiseUrPawChallenge and nominate at least 5 other individuals to become involved!  

   If by chance you want to add a stipulation to the challenge --- you can give nominated individuals 48 hours to accept or forfeit the challenge by making a small donation to an animal shelter or humane society of yours or their choice.

    We are hoping that this challenge will prompt and raise enough participation in order to better the chances for these loving beings to find their "fur-ever" homes and families & extend further the awareness that is desperately needed against the countless issues at hand that is leading these innocent lives within such places.

Please Unite With Other Animal Angels & Take the Challenge ... It only takes a moment to make a world of difference for a life in need.  Raise Ur Paw High Today and Believe In Second Chances For Love.

Thank You.

Raise Ur Paw 
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