Thursday, 5 January 2017


As an individual of society, my support when it comes to politics and to those who are or will be brought into power as leaders, has always been to those who are about making positive changes and differences in order to make impacts and improvements in this world we live in... and upon the lives and well-being of all species of innocent life, not just humanity.

  In recent reports it was brought to the world's attention the fact that Donald Trump's sons, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, hunting enthusiasts, will be ringing in their father's ascent into power by holding a fundraiser and party which would include the opportunity to trophy hunt.. from wild turkey, grizzly bear, and even bald eagle!


  Such actions and displays as this, is by far so unacceptable and inappropriate for a celebration of an individual who is ascending into power of the people, such as president. This role is suppose to be an empowering position that many view as a leader and defender of the lives and welfare of species, and a positive and reflective role-model for the bettering of our world and future. 

     In my honest opinion, I for one am truly disgusted and disgraced that individuals -- NO matter who they are, would take this role or aspects around this role of greatness, and abuse it in a manner to excuse and/or take opportunity to capitalize from the inhumanity and cruelty of taking an innocent life, such as the unjustifiable trophy hunt.

    What I believe needs to be done is for the President to first-hand "nip this in the butt" and show voting individuals that this form of "conservation", as many would describe it, is not the way that we protect and save innocent species from extinction --- and with that urge or demand his heirs to withdraw from hosting such a brutal event , and to lean further on other humane forms or strategies of conservation.

     Only we as humanity can truly make a difference and change, but we need to unite as one powerful force to make that goal a reality for ourselves, the world and future.... Raise Ur Paw Today!

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