Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Go No Kill - Adopting No-Kill Policies Within Shelters

To Whom It May Concern;

   We as a compassionate society are writing to you in hopes that we can request everyone to please support and urge kill shelters to fully adopt no-kill policies in order to give full second chances for innocent lives in need.

    Although there are a countless number of no-kill shelters within our society today, there are still many others that still proceed with the extreme measures of euthanizing healthy and treatable life for the mere reasons that forever and homes and families cannot be found within certain time periods (stemming from one week to one month, depending on the space and policies), as well as the over-crowding and lack of space of facilities.

    It is our belief and within our opinion, that we can make a difference and have these kill shelters adopt no-kill policies and find adequate and humane methods in order to deal with situations that they find themselves in without using such inhumane strategies.  It is also with this belief that we feel that with enough backing, voices and support, we can truly reach this goal.

   Euthanasia should not/nor ever be used as a "solution" to over-crowded shelters, or for our innocent voiceless who have been over-looked and unable to find suitable and loving homes, especially since there are other alternative solutions that are present.

    With the support of individuals, like yourselves, we can not just encourage kill-shelters to follow in the same footsteps as other shelters, but also reach out and spread the imperative message that will also play an active role in making the changes necessary in the process of saving and protecting the innocent lives that find themselves within these facilities.


  • Reaching out to politicians and municipalities and request support, and encourage their voices in helping urge kill-shelters to change their policies.
  • Spreading awareness on the importance of spaying and neutering, which will help decrease animal over-population.
  • Educating on the importance of responsible pet ownership 
  • Urging such shelters to establish and maintain screening of potential adopters, to decrease the amount of animals who have been relinquished, abused, neglected, abandoned etc.
  • To encourage and urging re-training and rehabilitation of animals which may have behavioral problems (which can be achieved through much dedication and determination by caring and compassionate volunteer or staff members)
  • Raising awareness and promoting adoption and fostering instead of buying.
  • Relocating animals from "kill-shelters" to "no-kill shelters" 
  • Working at coming up with ways to gain funding so that kill-shelters can be provided with the necessary aspects so that they can change to no-kill.
  • Urging our municipalities and political figures to play their active roles in helping save/protect innocent sheltered life by making changes to laws so that euthanasia is unacceptable: unless the animal is suffering or terminally ill, and no medical treatment or methods can save them. 

 PLEASE JOIN US IN SUPPORTING "NO-KILL" and let's unite as one and raise ur paw to make this dream a reality... we can make this happen, and with a compassionate and dedicated network of individuals we can truly make "kill-shelters" places of the past and bring forth a new hope in humanity in the fight to protect and save innocent lives in need.

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