Saturday, 30 May 2015


For those who feel the need to attack or bully those who are animal angels and voices for the innocent I have things I would like to say.
It is our voices and actions that will make the world a better place for not only animals, but future generations - mine and yours.
It will be our strength and determination that will allow the world's future generations to enjoy seeing the beauty of life, instead of just in books if we continue to allow this plague to continue on.
It will be our strive and protest that will prevent life from being tortured, abused and killed - both for humans and animals - considering the link between animal abuse and violence against humans is linked together.
It will be the stand that we make that will contribute to making an impact and difference within this world we live in - to prevent the crimes against nature that others have ignored and permitted for too long, allowing it to be out of control.
You may attack or belittle us because you do not agree with our values and beliefs - but in the end, when the world is a more compassionate and caring world for your children and ours and all life, maybe you will see the truth, maybe even a part of you will be thankful that we cared enough to give this gift and fight this fight and took the time to show what real humanity is about.
We were not placed here or given a voice to suit the needs of those who choose to ignore the pleas/cries of innocent life - we were given the voice to speak out for those who cannot, to make a stand for those in need and show them that hope and faith in humanity exists.
and you must ask yourself - what sort of world and future do I want to leave for my children & future generations? Will my hate and ignorance make any difference and is it something my children will be proud of?

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