Thursday, 28 May 2015

Veto AG-GAG BILL - Our Open Letter To Gov. Pat McCrory

Dear Governor Pat McCrory:

      We at Raise Ur Paw, and concerned individuals are writing in hopes that you will do what is right for innocent life and veto the North Carolina AG-GAG Bill.

By permitting such a bill to be approved, it will punish those who are trying to expose and stop the criminal acts of animal cruelty/abuse, and permit industries/businesses to get away with their crimes, and provide them the security to keep such acts of inhumanity in the dark from the views and attention of the public. 

      As many individuals in your position of power, you are meant to be the voice of the people, to keep them protected and make a stand for their rights and well-being - but should that voice be raised to protect those who commit crimes against nature, to punish those who are making a stand united in order to create a humane and compassionate world - a world that we all hope to one day see for our future generations.

    The decision to take a step towards a humane world falls in your hands, to show that like many other abuse/cruelty and violence - such actions against innocent animals is not tolerated and will be stopped once and for all.  You have the power to make this happen, to make a difference and impact that will place another stone on the path towards a better world and future.  So we are pleading with you to veto the AG-GAG Bill.

The differences we make today, are the impacts that will better tomorrow.

Please Be A Voice For Not Just The People, But For The Voiceless Too!

Thank You

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