Friday, 29 May 2015

#FreeKiska - A Letter From The Heart

The news traveled far and wide about Ontario passing a Bill that prohibits the breeding and acquisition of Killer Whales as well as other animal protection rules, but through the joys and excitement of such a milestone there was this sudden heartbreak and sadness within the hearts of many as it was reported that KISKA a lone killer whale in Marineland was excluded from this Bill.

   As a citizen of Canada, and resident of Ontario, this heartbreaking news really got to me, I was overjoyed that this bill was passed, but saddened that this lone innocent life seemed to have been betrayed and again denied the protection and life that she should rightfully have. In the years that have passed,  KISKA has been alone in captivity, without any form of social interaction or even being part of a family that every life should be entitled too, and that this life and freedom that was intended for her was taken away for the purpose to exploit and use her as some entertainment prop.

   The whole idea of excluding Kiska from the bill is certainly something that I just can't understand, and it makes me question what was going on in the minds of those who decided to exclude her, especially when they had a chance to be her voice and save this highly-social life from being confined in solitary - is her life not worth fighting for?

I understand and acknowledge that the Bill includes the requirements of qualified vets with marine animal expertise to oversee prevention and clinical care, but it still will not give to Kiska the natural requirements that she needs, nor will it give her the social interaction and family nurturing that every life deserves, because even though qualified vets can take care of her physically -- it is the emotional, social, and psychological care that needs to be fulfilled as well, and I believe that only members of her own species can achieve that.

   I am not sure how many would agree with me, or if they even share the same thoughts and heartbreak as I am, but I wanted to write this blog entry to get my opinion and thoughts out there in hopes that maybe someone can explain to me how anyone can create a milestone such as this to help killer whales and then turn around in the same breathe and exclude this lone orca from a bill that is meant to protect her species, it just doesn't make sense to me!

I hope that this blog entry will reach the hearts of many to raise their paws united to #FreeKiska, because it is a shame that she must continue to stare out the glass of her imprisonment alone, instead of living her life free and with those that are her family.

Thank You


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