Friday, 5 June 2015


    As an individual who works non-stop to protect and fight for the welfare/rights of animals and raise awareness on the issues at hand, I am writing this blog entry because I feel that it is my duty and freedom of speech to express my concerns on the lack of justice that innocent victims of animal abuse/cruelty are receiving.

   With the continuous increase of cases of animal abuse and cruelty that are appearing throughout the news and social media, along with the outpour of outrage and pleas to urge the Governments and Justice System to “pull up their socks” and do more, it seems that our pleas and cries are going unheard and unacknowledged.

    We constantly hear that the Justice System is “cracking down” and “doing what they can” to stop offenders and these crimes against nature, but in truth, I feel that they are not living up to what they state.  Justice is suppose to be the quality of being fair and reasonable, but what sort of fairness does this give to the innocent victims when offenders are able to walk away with minimal punishment for their actions (mere slaps on the wrist)? How is this correcting the situation so that justice is served and other innocent lives will not fall victim at these offender’s hands.

   If the Government and Justice System truly wanted to “crackdown” they would be assessing and upgrading their strategies and methods, and observe that their tactics so far isn’t fulfilling the outcome that they were hoping it would achieve.

   It is imperative that these offenders/murderers are penalized to the max for their actions, showing that we as a civilized world have 0 tolerance for such cruelty and inhumanity, and that these offenders should be marked on a registry just as sex offenders and pedophiles are – and that should go for individuals and industries who have committed offenses such as this.  In doing so, and due to the strong link between animal abuse/cruelty and violence against humans, we would be saving and protecting countless lives.


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