Monday, 15 December 2014

STOP THE DOG MEAT TRADE: Standing On The Frontlines

   When it comes to the fight against the dog meat trade – many would say that what activists are doing is the frontlines of this war – a desperate and dangerous struggle in order to not only save the lives of thousands of dogs a year, but to also stop this brutal and lucrative trade.

    But even with the countless angels working determined and dedicated, there are some individuals who state that bringing an end to this savage and barbaric trade, which claims millions of dogs a year, is an immense and dangerous challenge, not only for the innocent dogs but for those that are participating in ending this slaughter as well.

   This trade is not about Survival or Culture, but PROFIT, and it is due to this blood money that is making smugglers and gangs switch their tactics in attempts to ward off the threats to their huge-profit trade.

    As you can very well see, the many activists and those involved on the ground to help the fight to end this trade are not only putting their time, money, dedication to help save our companion animals, but they are literally putting their lives on the line – and these animal angels are not backing down.

     With these stakes being raised, it is truly important that the world unites to help and support – and not just individuals of the world, but Governments and media as well need to step forward and bring light and solution to this issue, to flex and exercise their power to bring an end to not only the threat of this trade, but to the whole trade itself.

     It has always been shown that we as a world, and humanity, do not back away from the threats of “terrorism”, and although many may state that this situation is not terrorism, I believe that in some way it truly is – because those involved in these high criminal organizations dealing with the dog meat trade, will and use violent acts in order to establish fear in order to stop/prevent those from doing what is right, and those jeopardizing their “blood money” business.

     It is time to urge the Government to bring in laws that can and will be enforced in order to protect and save the lives of our companion animals, to create new and tougher laws that would carry a maximum penalty and fine, and slam the hammer down to make the selling, abuse/cruelty, and market for dog/cat meat illegal.

Please Join & Raise Ur Paw Against the Dog/Cat Meat Trade – Let’s show the Greatness of our Nation by Uniting as One Voice Making a Stand.

Thank You


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