Sunday, 21 December 2014


Dear Dr. Laura;
    As an animal activist/advocate and president of the not-for-profit Incorporation, RAISE UR PAW, I want to express my views and thoughts about not only the statements in which you made about beloved pitbulls, but also in regards to your apology which you posted on facebook.
    Earlier this week, you took it upon yourself to make comments in which were not only inappropriate but also very cruel towards the pitbull breed – which not only stirred up outrage and negativity of individuals around the world, but also added fuel towards the image and reputation that many have put forth towards this breed of innocent life.
    As I am sure by now you are witnessing & maybe even experiencing – negativity can do a great amount of damage towards an individual’s reputation, making it extremely hard to regain and restore it back to a positive outlook – even with an apology being made.
    This experience and image, which in the eyes of many, you are now standing in – is exactly where these innocent living beings have been placed for some time – except for them they are being sentenced to death or condemned to an image created by mere ignorance and fear – discriminated against all because of their breed.
The Apology By Dr. Laura -->
    I understand that everyone has the rights to their views and opinions, but I do have to ask, with the statement that you made – would you want to see that hung over the heads of your children, grandchildren, future generations of your family – just because you made one view known that sparked this issue --- leading them down a road where they are discriminated against or place them in a category which was designed by fear and hate.  Of Course Not! And yet this is exactly the same shoe that pitbulls wear on a daily basis by some individuals.
     In closing,  I truly hope that this is a lesson learned – that hatred and negativity towards any life, can do more damage to not only the reputation of the individual, but to your own reputation as well – and that even to apologize may not be enough to restore the outcome of what spreading hate and negativity can do.
Thank You



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