Monday, 29 December 2014

RAISE UR PAW & MAKE A PACT - Preventing Animal Cruelty Together.

Don't Just Make a Resolution this New Year - Make A Pact!

As we quickly move towards a new year, and take the opportunity to reflect upon the year in which we had – it is imperative that we continue to not only set new aims and goals for ourselves but to also make each year an opportunity to make a difference in the world that we live in and for the lives that reside within it.

   I know that right now many are probably thinking I am talking about making those “famous” resolutions that everyone makes each year – but in this case, it’s not so much making a resolution, but making it a mission: establishing purposes and ambitions – whether big or small – to fulfill and achieve in order to make an impact or a difference.

“Every Step Taken is a Step Further Then What You Took Before!”

   It is important to realize that this form of mission, is not just for animal activists/advocates but for all humanity, a way that we can come together as a unity and work as one to make 2015 and future years, periods of progress - focusing on strategies and methods in order to achieve not only our aims and goals, but results as well.

 "When We Help And Care For The Helpless And Uncared For, We Become Angels In Human Form!" ~ Anthony Douglas Williams.

     It is time for us to not only focus on the here and now, but on the "what lies ahead" what we will be leaving to our future generations - considering that the steps in which we take are the steps that they may follow... and isn't it important to give them a world that they can enjoy to live in, to be proud of?

    Please Join along with us and RAISE UR PAW - become involved with making a stand and speaking out to help our voiceless.. Make the PACT (Preventing Animal Cruelty Together) - Let's become a United World.

Thank You



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