Sunday, 7 December 2014


Innocent lives are being kidnapped from their mothers and Government Officials are not hearing the pleas that such actions could cost these babies their lives.

   Heartbreaking and disturbing baby elephants are being kidnapped from their mothers and the Government of Zimbabwe has admitted to capturing these lives for export to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and that the warning from conservation groups aren't being heard that taking these babies from their mothers could kill them.

   According to the articles in which I read, Saviour Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe's environment minister, stated that it was normal for wildlife to be captured in the country's largest game reserve and exported from time to time, but along with this statement he denied reports that the animals were destined for Chinese Zoos, saying they were destined for the UAE - but we have to truly ask ourselves if that is really what is going on - or is there more behind the story then meets the eye? 


    The Zimbabwe's National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA) state that they are urgently investigating the alleged sale - trying to speak to those who they believe brokered the deal and check on the welfare of the captured animals. 


    We must understand and acknowledge that when it comes to LIVE EXPORT, there is absolutely no telling what the conditions will be of these living beings, especially since their health and welfare are already at risk from being taken away from their mothers at such a young age.  Sometimes live export just wants to get the shipment to their destination and leads to the neglect of certain aspects and strategies that could have serious consequences to the safety and well-being of these babies, which sometimes leads to heartbreaking and angering outcomes.... Death!

     The Governments are obviously not taking this into account, not understanding that these babies' lives and health are not only at risk, but should be considered more important than the money and profit that comes from the selling of them - that these babies are fully dependent on their mothers, not only for the milk in which their mothers provide, which they need until at least the fifth year of their lives, but also the nurturing aspect. Therefore, if taken away from them, their health will surely diminish, leading many of them to die.

    The blame should not only be put upon the Governments that have hand in this situation, but LIVE EXPORT as well, for accepting to take part in this unethical cruelty - and also the brokers that have a role in this.  

 Such animal cruelty and inhumane actions need to be prevented and stopped immediately, and we hope that each individual of the world will take part in raising their paws and voices to stand up and speak out in support. 


Thank You!



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