Wednesday, 28 September 2016


    It is with great heartbreak and sorrow that we announce that on Sept. 27th, 2016, Montreal, Quebec followed through and passed the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) on innocent pitbulls, despite the outpour of pleas and cries of worldwide individuals and organizations to not permit such a ban to occur.

    Even a day after news hit social media & media outlets like a tsunami, it is still shocking  and heartbreaking that due to an incident, that an entire breed of life, is now not only banned & being punished, but that innocent lives within shelters can no longer be adopted out & that they be murdered for mere fact that they were born of that breed.

     As an individual of humanity, I do send out my sympathy and condolences to the family of the woman who perished due to a brutal dog attack, which sent all this into motion -- because a loss of a family member is a pain that no one wants to feel or experience. It is this loss of a family member, that more individuals within the communities will experience, due to BSL, that innocent lives who have done absolutely nothing wrong will either be killed or punished for actions, that could be due, to an individual who didn't have control over their canine companion. It has even been stated that the dog identified in the mauling of this poor woman was a pitbull, but even though the ban has gone through, the police state that they are still waiting upon the DNA Test Results of the animal.

     But, someone somewhere, who had this much fear and ignorance, took this opportunity to see an entire breed suffer for such actions, and that these emotions played a huge active role in forcing individuals to literally punish their "fur-family members" or even give them up to be executed for crimes in which they did not commit.... and it truly sickens me that Government officials would force this cruel treatment on individuals who love these "Children" like their own.

Montreal Passes Controversial Ban On Pitbulls:

     I know that me being an animal activist/advocate would lead people to believe that I should be obligated to feel this way about BSL -- but I am a human and pet parent, who even if wasn't an activist/advocate, I would still find it morally wrong and sickening that Governments go to these full extents to target innocent life, and try to excuse it by stating "to keep people safe" and yet they permit pedophiles, ex-murderers etc to live next door to us... or walk freely within society...

      It is imperative to know that such methods as the BSL improves nothing in the attempts to keep society safe, it just merely creates more problems and concerns -- raising more issues to come to surface, and in turn jeopardizing more than just the safety of the society... If we continue as humanity to allow such bans to continue... then any breed is facing threat on the chopper's block, and are we really prepared to have our "fur-family" member added to that list? 


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