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Please ADD Your Name & Support To End Dolphin Captivity To The Petition Below - Be Part Of the Action To Give Back The Freedom To The Innocent Souls In Need:


     The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement was created by RAISE UR PAW, A Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, in 2016, to achieve measures and foundations that will aid in the freedom of dolphins from enslavement and exploitation within captivity.

     Like so many other individuals and animal rights organizations around the globe, the welfare and well-being of innocent life has always and forever will be Raise Ur Paw's number one priority, making it our mission to raise public awareness on the issues/concerns at hand, and see changes made in order to fully protect and save the lives of sentient beings from inhumanity, cruelty, abuse and other situations in which jeopardizes such lives... including those within the confines of captivity.

      Thanks to the documentary "Blackfish", in which made a huge impact by hitting society full force, opened the eyes of the world to the truth about captivity, showing first hand the inhumanity and cruelty that is behind this form of enslavement. and in turn lead numerous individuals, organizations, celebs and even some political figures to not only voice their outrage, but take part in battle to end such a heartbreaking exploitation and confinement of innocent life.

      It was truly this inspiration, along with much determination for the ban on orca captivity, that we felt that such a strong and united force could extend further than just orcas -- that such a branch could be divided and give hope to the intelligent and highly-social dolphins and other marine life that are being subjected and facing the same treatment, fate and lifestyle.

      We as an animal rights incorporation wanted to not only witness, but also believe enough in the compassion of humanity, that such support and reach can be provided for dolphins within captivity, that they too can receive the same bans upon aspects of their enslavement, like some in which captive orcas have achieved, and have individuals of humanity give to them the same support and foundation to help gain the freedom in which they should possess.


   The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement's mission and goals is making the changes necessary to help end dolphin captivity - changes in which will aid and support the efforts to fully protect the welfare and well-being of dolphins, providing them a voice and showing that their lives matter.  Such changes that we are hoping to achieve is retiring captive dolphins back to the wild or within sea sanctuaries, banning importation/exportation and breeding programs, and a full ban upon the exploitation for entertainment and profit-making purposes.

* The Removal of Dolphin From Lifestyle of Enslavement: 

    If you were to look up the definition for enslavement, it would say to make slave of, or to reduce to slavery, either way it is defined it perceives these lives within captivity on a daily basis.  They are imprisoned within concrete cells, forced to do "circus-like" tricks and completely robbed of their freedom, life, family and happiness.

Our Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement is designed to remove such chains of enslavement from these sentient and social beings and have them retired back to the wild or within sea sanctuaries from such marine parks or captive facilities, where they can fully live out the rest of their days in their natural environment and freedom.

    According to reliable sources and documentation, such change can happen as long as guidelines are followed before such release:  guidelines in which include - being released into a pod in which they would naturally be part of, be able to survive, and that their health is monitored and that such captive dolphins do not possess or carry any diseases or health issues that may effect them or members of wild pod etc in any way -- captive dolphins should be monitored and checked by appropriate experts before any release can be fulfilled.

    If by chance such captive lives are unable to be released back within the wild, it is then that a strong plan should be set into motion: for long-term care of these beings, with appropriate and satisfactory expertise and care.

* Ban Importation/Exportation Of Dolphins:

    We as humanity, must be aware that dolphins did not just appear in captivity, they were either imported or exported from one location to another by force: like countless lives that have been caught and sold during the yearly Taiji, Japan dolphin slaughter - a massacre that still continues on to this day, stolen from their families and natural environments within the ocean, brought in from another marine park or facility, or born within the confines of such establishments.

    However they were brought into these marine parks/facilities, you can guaranteed that there is some psychological damage and trauma due to the stress, fear, frustration etc. that they have experienced or enduring during the capture and transportation -- even physical damage can occur.

    Such methods or rehoming, is an infliction of psychological and physical scarring, and these issues alone can contribute to behavioral and attitude changes among these beings (causing injuries or attacks upon other captive beings or audience members/trainers.)

     The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement that we are bringing to the table, will urge Governments to place a ban on such importation/exportation of such sentient beings - prohibiting the capture, trade, selling or buying of these beings and give harsh penalties to anyone that is caught and/or participating in such exchange or purchases.

* The Ban On Breeding Programs:

    Like the ban on breeding programs, which has been put into place, for captive orcas within Ontario, California etc  We are aiming for the same worldwide for captive dolphins. We are determined to witness and take part in the stopping of any breeding or impregnanting of any dolphin held in captivity within such facilities and/or marine parks around the globe - this ban will include any import/export or collection of any semen, any gametes, and/or embryos held by any captive dolphins or within the wild for the purpose of artificial or natural insemination and fertilization.

    Such Breeding Programs of Marine Parks and other facilities, has been deemed as serving no scientific purpose by reliable and high-standard sources, and that such breeding programs are being used to impregnate family members to family members (father/daughter or mother/son etc) which causes much concern/issues about genetic problems and negative behavioral actions.

* The Ban On Entertainment and Profit Making Purposes: 

    Dolphins, like captive orcas and other marine animals, within marine parks/facilities are continuously being exploited and forced to perform "circus-like" tricks and actions in order to entertain those that enter such establishments - such acts that these intelligent and highly-social beings would not/nor ever do within their natural environment.

     With such forcing measures, being confined within concrete cells with artificial social groupings, and enduring the stressful and unnatural environment of captivity, keeping lives within this enslavement is leading towards a negative outcome (on the innocent life, and the well-being of audience members/trainers)

     With much of the outrage and more truth appearing about the negative impact captivity has on these sentient beings (both psychologically and physically) - Marine Parks/ Facilities still continue to argue that such means is for educational and conservation purposes only - an argument in the eyes of many reputable and reliable sources say is simply not true.

      It has also been brought to attention, through some social media findings, that the possibility that trainers are using strategies and methods that many are finding to be acts of criminal and inhumane nature: such actions consist of holding back food from these innocent beings as a form of gaining obedience or applying it as a punishment, and that certain medications are distributed along with the food in order to control the behaviors of these animals - so that marine parks/facilities can continue on with these forced-upon actions they require these lives to perform.

     The Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement aims to achieve a complete ban on such actions and upon the display, performance and entertainment purposes of innocent captive lives, and request a ban on such methods as a form of profit-making purpose of such marine parks/facilities - since there is absolutely no educational value or achievement from this form of exploitation.


    We at RAISE UR PAW have extreme high faith that our Dolphin Freedom Forever (DFF) Movement will indeed succeed in making much changes that are so desperately needed in the lives of captive beings around the globe.

    We believe that with enough support and backing, this movement can truly reach the end of captivity worldwide, and give back the freedom and life to these innocent beings that have been robbed of for way to long.


    As an animal rights organization and humanity, we have witnessed and experienced what the power of taking action and raising voices can do and achieve, especially when we stand united as one powerful force. We have observed differences being made in the lives of captive orcas, which in turn establishes that much stronger hope for the future of other sentient beings that are facing the same enslavement and fate.

     But yet even though the strength of hope is there, we still need to do our parts & contribute to the active roles in making this movement & change a reality, by doing this, we need to continuously use our voices, raise public awareness on the issue, keep fighting for the rights and welfare of these beloved animals, and gain support and backing from individuals, Governments and political figures -- writing emails or sending letters urging for such bans and movements to be put into motion.

    We need to think about what sort of message we want our future generations to receive, a world in which enslavement of innocent life is accepted and permitted, or a world where we as humanity removed the chains of captivity and gave back the freedom in which was robbed from these intelligent souls... 

 We would like to extend great thanks and much appreciation to the countless individuals, organizations and the removal of blindness from society about captivity, for all the dedication, tireless hard work, and determination that has helped to path to the future success that will one day bring an end to captivity.

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