Saturday, 3 May 2014

RESCUE ME: A Sheltered Animal's Poem

Grasping for the will to live
I cling with everything inside
A hope for a second chance to live
A yearning that I cannot hide.

But as each day passes on
The more hope I seem to lose
A world of broken promises
A life I did not choose...

The family that was suppose to love me
Left these scars and bruises upon my soul
Tossing me away & abandoning me
My life and happiness they stole...

So here I sit in sadness
Within this lonely, sheltered place
Terrified and waiting
For my fate to show its face.

If only someone out there
Would hear my pleas and cries
To see that all I want is love
To see the life within my eyes...

I maybe just an animal
But I have a lot of love to give
Please take the moment to rescue me

All I want in life is too live.

Written by RAISE UR PAW 

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