Saturday, 10 May 2014


To Whom it May Concern;

   We at RAISE UR PAW are coming to you with a request – a plea to speak out and raise ur paw for HOPE (Helping Out Pets Everywhere)

Everyday millions of healthy, treatable sheltered animals are euthanized without being given a second chance at life – innocent lives who have lost their families, homes, and some even enduring issues which have left them physically and psychologically scarred.

  When we continue to ignore the voiceless and treat them like they have no purpose on earth except to be objects & possessions to human kind – then it is us who is failing as a species. We are the ones that are meant to be their guardians, and we cannot continue to permit sheltered animals, or any animal to be punished for the sins of some scrupulous people, for it is animals who are the victims and to punish and destroy these beings is showing many that we are just the same as those offenders who victimized these poor lives – and that there is a stain on humanity.

    Please stand with us and we speak out for HOPE, a hope in humanity that we will come together united to create a solution to stop the decay on humanity’s image so that future generations will not be stained by it and more innocent lives lost to it – A hope that we can finally be considered a compassionate species, and create a compassionate and better world for all humankind and animals alike.

    We are hoping that this request will reach out, and help fight the good fight for animals worldwide -- to open up the hearts and arms of many to take in these babies and give them the life and love that they deserve and to finally unite and say NO to KILL SHELTERS, for animals should not have to die because of humanity's actions -- and we need your help!

It only takes a moment to do what is right and speak out for sheltered animals - and although saving one life won't change the world, we are changing the world for that one life -- and shouldn't saving a life be an important act that we all should take part in?

Please Raise Ur Paw for HOPE - let the world hear your voice and see your paw raised.  

Thank You!

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