Friday, 26 August 2016


When will we as humanity witness a breakthrough for animal welfare? especially when there are so many industries that still continue the process of cruelty and torture upon innocent lives within the meat industry.... and now-a-days this is becoming an extreme issue and concern that needs to be addressed immediately.

     If you were to take a look at the "Chicken Industry", for example,  you would observe first-hand the type of inhumane process in which takes place in order to fulfill the demand of the consumers craving the meat of these poor birds.

     You must understand that these defenseless birds within the industries are bred to suffer... forcing them to endure genetic processes which literally enhances their growth at a rapid pace - such a method can cause many defects to the bodies, like crippling of the legs under the weight of their massive bodies, troubles in breathing, and sometimes even heartattacks and lung failure.

     But the genetic manipulation in which these animals go through is only the tip of the iceburg of the cruelty and inhumanity that they endure.  Chickens within the meat industry are made to live their entire lives within confines that can be over-crowded, within small wire cages along with others, or by themselves where they can barely move -- literally packed wing to wing with countless others. 

     Even though the process in which they live, and how are they are grown is disturbing, along with the effects that take place with these processes - it is the method of death that surely sends chills down the spine of those that have compassion in their hearts for these innocent lives.

     For those who do not know what "Live Shackling" is - it is a system in which many industries use and live by - such methods of this system consists of chickens being dumped upon conveyor belts and the workers shackle the fully conscious birds.  It is then that the birds within these shackles are taken to what is known as "Electrified Water", a process that immobilizes the birds without unconsciousness, right before their necks are slit by a slicer.  In some cases though, improper shackling of these birds can lead to missing the slicer, and become drowned in the hot scalding water that they are then dumped in, in order to remove feathers.

Believe it or NOT... these actions of cruelty & inhumanity happen to billions of lives each year, in order to fulfill the demands for chicken.


 As humanity we need to make our voices known and take action :

  • Imperative to contact Government Officials and let them know of the situation at hand, and what needs to be done in order to improve such birds lives and treatment.
  • Increase animal welfare & well-being laws, so that such actions of inhumanity and cruelty will be punished accordingly and gives higher protection to the lives that are in desperate need of help.
  • To protest and raise awareness against such industries who are getting away with such acts & raise public awareness on the horrors of the meat industry.
  • Reach out to individuals worldwide for support and urge veganism to be the choice in order to save innocent lives.


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