Saturday, 13 August 2016

Ban Glue Traps: Our Open Letter

Dear Sir or Madame;

We at Raise Ur Paw, A Canadian Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit, are writing to you in regards to the countless issues that are included with the use and manufacturing of the inhumane "glue traps" -- and as a distributor and provider of such products to consumers, we feel that it is extremely imperative that your attention and action is brought in order to save & protect the lives of the innocent from such cruelty that these devices are subjecting them too.

       Being well-known companies and industries throughout the country, and trying to supply effective products in order to fulfill the demands of the consumers, we are hoping that you will reconsider your involvement and participation in the distribution of such inhumane and cruel mechanisms.

      Your awareness and attention upon the effects of these products is necessary, an understand and acknowledgement that innocent victims in which become entrapped, endure extreme suffering, torture and death due to these traps nature -- including starvation, dehydration, exhaustion and even some succumbing to many severe injuries from such a process to rid households, businesses, and places of establishment of these little beings.

     Did you know that not only are these little lives enduring these forms of cruelty, but it could take up to approximately 3-5 days for them to perish -- a long torturous process, and you must understand that these actions of inhumanity do not just fall upon the shoulders of those that are manufacturing and establishing such methods, but also upon the participation of the distribution companies, and places of business that are providing them to consumers.

     We are requesting and truly hoping that you will play your active role in the fight against animal cruelty, and pull your support and participation from these "animal trap" companies - and choose to provide consumers with more humane devices such as live-traps to use.

Please Raise Ur Paw Today, and Do the Right Thing For Innocent Life.


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