Saturday, 23 July 2016


The World United To Speak Up For Tilikum, Can We Do The Same For Kiska "World's Loneliest Orca"?

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne:

     As a member of humanity, I am reaching out with much hope that we can count of you & your political power to help an innocent life that is serving an indefinite life of solitary, isolation and misery - and it is imperative that this issue be acknowledged & aided before it is too late.

    For over 40 years or so, Kiska has given her life to be a mere "tourist attraction" at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - forcibly kidnapped off the coast of Iceland in 1979 as a calf and has resided at the marine park since then, robbed of her freedom, natural aspects of her life, and her existence. 

    She has experienced loss of companionship - due to relocation or passing of tank-mates, and has a one hundred percent infant-mortality rate, losing all 5 of the calves she had :( a heartbreaking reality that seems to get worse --- and now living a life of isolation! 

    Are we not about equality, taking a stand & speaking out to show that all lives matter, or are we just directing these statement to only the human species, and leaving the countless others who have much right to life and being here as we do, to be used as necessities for humanity.

    To agree and accept this form of treatment - and not take the necessary steps that are much needed, is a form of failure on our parts, a neglect upon the responsibilities that we have as guardians of life. I acknowledge that some major steps were taken, but it appears that these movements have excluded Kiska, and why? is a question that many are requesting an answer for.

     Much of the unjustifiable treatment that we put animals through, we make excuses or create reasons to have the world accept -- for marine parks they use the "Education" card - trying to provide generations with the insight of the lives of these innocent beings, and yet here they live in concrete pools, enslaved and robbed of the natural aspects of their lives, and even being forced to perform - something that they do not do within their wild environment.

     If you or any other individual were to take the moment to observe or research Kiska's life within her confinement.  I am certain that you too would feel the same as we do - observing her treatment as one would treat "property" & the negative impacts that these actions have taken upon an innocent soul... and urgent action is needed to be taken today.

    Please do the right thing and make a stand - Let's show that Kiska has a voice, and set an example that we as humanity are making a difference for innocent life.  

OVER 5K have Signed to #FreeKiska - Please SHARE & JOIN TOO -

Thank You


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