Sunday, 31 July 2016

BEING SUPER "VEGANTASTIC": Making A Life-Changing Choice

    Did you know that to some the word "VEGAN" is something terrifying, or threatening --- well so these individuals believe it to be, if not why would so many who eat meat get so defensive when the word is brought up or begin poking fun at those who have chosen this way of life... 

     but besides the bullying  and the defensive actions that are uncalled for... I get where they are coming from... to some a life change such as this can be a scary thing, especially when you are already accustomed to meat and other animal by-products within your daily meal routine... I was one of them, years ago... before I educated myself on the true definition of the word and the reality of this benefitial way of life....

       The more I learned, the more I became intrigued and enthusiastic about this change, almost like a calling that I was meant to answer --- and the fear that I had felt from not making this decision sooner ( the bullying and the thought of taking meat & by products out of my routine would be the "End of The World" event) was basically blinders from opening my eyes to the reality and truth that was hidden away from me for way too long.

        But how can I choose this path and keep up with it when I am surrounded by those that have not made the same lifestyle choice? believe it or not, that was a very easy answer,  because even though my family and friends were not vegans, they supported my decision and even incorporated my new choice into their meal routines.... and yes even tried vegan meals themselves --- which I may add some found delicious, but there were a few who still "crinkled their nose" at the idea...

       That's okay with me though, at least they attempted to try --- and didn't avoid the whole new experience -- "Don't Knock It Til You Try It" right?  but it was the appreciation and support that meant the world to me... and it is always good to have that support foundation beside you as you take this journey and connecting with other vegans & groups is a benefit as well.

       Always remember though, not everyone is going to be supportive, and you could get degraded by those who feel the need to bully someone, or in my case, be bombarded by countless questions --- such as "Why Did You Choose To Go Vegan?" little things that merely challenge your opinions and beliefs... so as a response, I just say... it was time... time to pull the veil off my eyes and make a difference within my life and the lives of those affected by my past decisions to consume meat and by-products... Oh and of course the many benefits that come with choosing this lifestyle as well... very, very well worth it.

How well worth it, you say? well my friends, let's just take a little look....

     Choosing to go VEGAN, you are saving approx. 200 lives a year... 200 innocent beings that will not be inhumanely treated and killed that comes along with meat consumption... and also according to research, veganism also aids the environment as well, because animal food production produces most greenhouse gases, even more then the transportation industries etc..... 

    Along with saving innocent lives, you will also "SAVE MONEY" - due to meat and animal by-products being expensive in cases, veganism helps cut your food bill a great deal --- and you will be able to come up with "VEGANTASTIC" creations that are healthy & delicious from home, instead of going to restaurants or fast food places, that rarely have vegan dishes on the menu.

       and what about the benefits to your health,  well for me, I feel much healthier -- not saying that I wasn't before changing my lifestyle.. I just find that I have more energy, and my way of thinking is more clearer, like being a new person with a whole new outlook and approach on life.

       Now I am not saying that I am "Superior" to those who are not vegan, nor do I demand that people race off and quit eating meat & consuming animal by-products "Cold Vurkey"  - but I do request that individuals educate themselves on the benefits of this lifestyle, and to become aware of the lengths that some go in order to fulfill the demand for meat and animal by-product consumption...  and hey, who knows, maybe there will even be a point where individuals will add a vegan meal into their daily meal routine, just to show that the world will not end if meat etc was taken from their diet.... :)

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