Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"To My Human Family" - A Poem From A Rescued Pet

To My Human Family:

They say you cannot choose your family
But I believe this statement to be wrong
Because you took me in and made me your child
A home I had wished for so long.

You showered me with unconditional love
Made me feel like I was one of a kind
No longer a broken soul in need
A forgotten life that was left behind.

You saw me as a life worth loving
When I thought there was no hope for me
You showed me what real love and family means
a special bond for all eternity.

and when that day comes, and I cross rainbow bridge
Thank you for the blessings you gave to me
For not only rescuing this soul in need
but for making me part of your family.

Love Your Adopted Pet.

(Poem By Ben Sterling)

Please Adopt/Foster/Rescue --- Save a Sheltered Life In Need, Let's Show Them The Meaning Of Unconditional Love & Family Means.

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