Tuesday, 17 March 2015

" I AM NOT" - a poem to Raise Ur Paw Worldwide.

I am not your entertainment
Or an accessory that you wear
I am not some science project
Or  be treated so unfair.

I am not here for your purpose
To be your victim or your slave
But you seem to think I am these things
Until you put me in the grave.

You treat me like an object
Or a possession that you own
This cruel and disturbing way of thinking
How can the world condone.

I am  not some soulless being
Who has no emotions deep inside
For if the World would listen close
They would hear the pleas I’ve cried.

I hope one day the time will come
When the world will unite and decide
To be a voice and make a stand
And raise their paw worldwide.

Written by Ben Sterling.

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