Saturday, 8 November 2014

STOP GAS CHAMBERS: Our Open Letter To Government Officials

Dear Government Officials Nationwide:

    We as humanity around the world are coming to you in hopes that you will find it in your hearts to deal with an issue at hand that is in desperate need of your attention.

    This issue that we are speaking about, is the use of the inhumane and cruel gas chambers that are being permitted to be used as a method to kill innocent sheltered animals – a method that is subjecting poor living beings to extreme and inexcusable suffering & pain.

     For centuries we have not only considered these precious lives companions and members of our family, but we have also used them as service animals (seeing eye dogs, companions for the elderly, protection /rescue services and so many more) and due to their loyalty and unconditional love they have provided care and hope to those who are needing this form of friendship and loyalty... and yet how do we show many of these angelic lives, who are homeless, abandoned, unloved, our loyalty? ... by forcing them into gas chambers and then turning it on – because according to some its controlling pet populations, or other excuses to get away with these inhumane and unjustifiable actions.

     So right now the question we must ask ourselves is have we truly turned away from being a compassionate and humane species – especially when we permit such inhumanity & cruelty to be brought upon the lives of the innocent in this manner, turning our heads away from the heartbreaking and sickening truth that is right before our eyes, refusing to use the power that we possess to stop this crime against nature from happening.


    Due to the facts presented, the use of gas chambers is not only undermining the purpose of animal shelters, to provide safe havens for stray and neglected animals, but it is also going against the laws that Governments have set in order to protect our voiceless from cruelty and abuse.

    According to the laws to date, actions that inflict cruelty/abuse upon an animal is considered a crime, and although many states and provinces have banned the use of gas chambers, unfortunately there are still those that are continued to be permitted to do so (Government Approval) – so I ask, how can it be against the law for one category of people, but justifiable for another? For instance:
  • The process of Gas Chambers, is a slow and painful one - that could take up to 40 minutes.
  • Before the gas is even turned on, you can clearly observe the fear and terror within these beings – and if the chamber is at full capacity, many will fight, attack one another brutally in attempts to escape, even though there is none.
  • Due to these chambers having no oxygen, only carbon monoxide being pumped in, you can witness these lives (puppies/kittens included) pawing and scratching at the walls and glass in desperation, crying out and whining as they suffer, even pressing their little noses to the bottom of the door in hopes of getting breath of fresh air.
  • Slowly they suffocate, eyes and noses burning as the deadly gas enters their bodies – and the whines/cries become heartbreaking and agonizing sounds.
  • Then when the process is complete, if any are still alive, they are put through a second round.
  • And not only is the use of carbon monoxide inhumane to animals, but it can also be harmful to humans as well – considering operational and safety concerns.

 Justifiable? Humane? You decide?

     As Government officials that have been elected by the people, you have the power to make a stand and finally stop these barbaric chambers of death.  Stopping this inhumane method should not be something that we have to pressure you to do, or protest – it should automatically be in your hearts to do and we truly hope that you will not only speak out against this issue, but do everything necessary to bring it to an end, for the countless lives that are depending on you to enforce and abide by the laws that you have set.

    Please be a voice and show your loyalty to these companion animals, the end of this cruelty and inhumanity lies in your hands, so we are begging you to open your hearts and do what is right - it's time we stand together united to protect and save the innocent lives of animals.


Thank You


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