Saturday, 8 November 2014


    When a video surfaced showing a pregnant orca named Kalia caught between a metal bar of a gate and the wall as the gate closes on her at SeaWorld San Diego, it not only captured the attention of many animal lovers and activists, but also SeaWorld as well.

    This recent footage of the trapped orca, which was filmed by one of the visitors at the park, once again flooded social media with outcries and outrage from animal angels, sparking more negativity against this company of captivity, and shining the light once more on the dangers of holding these innocent beings captive.


     The nine-year-old captive-born female is said to be due in December, this being her first calf – so many are concerned that this incident might have not only injured the momma, but the unborn life as well – considering that according to the footage, Kalia was trapped for a full minute until the gate finally opened and freed her.

     According to past history, an incident such as this is not the first of its kind to darken the doorway of SeaWorld – apparently a wild-caught male named Kotar, who is the genetic “grandfather” of Kalia, had reportedly died when he was approx. 17 years old when a gate closed on his head, causing a fracture, which lead to severe blood loss at SeaWorld San Antonio in 1995 – another apparent “playing with the gate!”

     With the incident with Kalia, SeaWorld jumped in to defend itself by stating that the gates of Shamu Stadium use a small amount of pressure, and open and close slowly.  The whales can easily move them when the trainers begin the gate cycle.  They then proceed to say that Gate Play is an enjoyable game for whales, when a whale plays with a gate trainers are always nearby.

     Now with SeaWorld already facing much negativity and backlash – since the documentary “Blackfish” appeared, many can’t help but believe that SeaWorld is merely fabricating the “Gate Play” story, so that further negative attention doesn’t continue to do more damage to their industry – considering the damage that they have already faced.  But in all honesty I don’t think that many are buying what SeaWorld is selling? and this incident is just another danger that is added to the list of many contributed to captivity.

    I do believe that if this was an accident, then SeaWorld needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility, because that is what is damaging their reputation is the amount of excuses that they are making in order to make captivity alright - they need to stop putting the blame on the life they hold captive and put the blame on the real culprit “captivity”.

But that is my opinion...  what do you think?

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