Tuesday, 23 January 2018

#SAVETHESEALS Global Movement - Open Letter To Government of Canada To Ban Commercial Seal Hunt

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Honourable Members of Canadian Government:


     As a member of humanity, citizen of Canada, and President of Raise Ur Paw, a federally incorporated not-for-profit, I have always believed that our country has been one in which is the best place to reside -- that we as a country believe in the rights of individuals and that life truly means something imperative than just mere existence.  We believe in fairness, compassion and so much more that makes it literally feel like a true family and unity.  A life in which even my daughter should feel proud and empowered to live by.  
           It is with this belief and with the strong hope that this imperative and heartfelt letter will reach your attention and hearts, urging your immediate action to take a historic step to ban the commercial seal hunt and remove any involvement of the Canadian Government's part to the annual seal harvest.   As well as hoping all recipients in whom we have emailed this letter too will support and urge you to do the same as well.

    As political figures of power and influence, and public servants to the people of the country of Canada, like myself and countless others, that you open your hearts and allow our message and voices to reach your humanity --- to observe the reality of the inhumanity and cruelty that goes hand in hand with such a barbaric harvest of life, to view the imperative and numerous evidence that occurs during these annual seal hunts and the major worldwide markets placing bans on the importation of seal products.  How much further does one must go to gain your attention -- how many more lives must endure or be subjected to such inhumanity before such an issue can no longer be ignored?

     These seals, in which are sentient beings are enduring horrific acts of brutality ( even pups which are between the ages of 3 weeks to 3 months old) -- and that the evidence and facts that are constantly being brought through growing documentation and images which present barbaric attacks on them with such instruments as "hakapiks" or shot in the head -- even some claims that some are even skinned while still being alive, as well as major worldwide markets placing bans upon the importation of seal products should be enough proof that grasps your attention for dire action to ban the commercial seal hunt, instead of turning a blind eye, ignore or create attempts to defend and promote in order to keep this dying industry on life support.
and yet it still continues on.....

       This contentious matter should not be something to debate --- or have more decades of individuals and organizations around the globe continuously regurgitate the imperative facts and evidence in order to attempt further to gain your attention, while hundreds of thousands of innocent lives endure this form of cruelty and death in order to fulfill some market that is no longer in demand for.  Today should be the day that we foster a kinder and compassionate world and future for all living beings, and make the efforts to achieve such goals that will better our world, instead of leaving a blemish that will not only jeopardize the lives of such sentient beings but the future generations of ours as well.

    So is this really how we truly want our country to be observed as or have this type of reputation? Do we not want to show and be role-models of compassion and humanity towards innocent life?  

     We believe that it is our duty and responsibility, as individuals and members of the human race to urge with much pressure and urgency to reach out to the Canadian Government and those involved to help make a difference and stop the annual seal hunt - to rethink their stand and remove their participation ( financial through subsidies) and find real solution to this issue, perhaps a federal sealing buyout, instead of continuing down this path that continues to affect our country and the lives of beloved seals.

Let's Make This Historic Step Together To #SaveTheSeals - Over 58,000 International Voices Signed Our Petition already https://www.change.org/p/justin-trudeau-stop-the-canada-commercial-seal-hunt-don-t-seal-their-fate --- Please Also Take The Moment to Show Your Support By Checking Out Our Latest Update As Well - https://www.change.org/p/justin-trudeau-stop-the-canada-commercial-seal-hunt-don-t-seal-their-fate/u/22387592

Yours most sincerely

Douglas Atherton
President of Raise Ur Paw

cc: via email
Jane Goodall Institute of Canada
Canadian Wildlife Federation
Humane Society International Canada
The Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
IFAW International Fund For Animal Welfare

Email Addresses:  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca
                                 Minister of Fisheries and Oceans - Dominic LeBlanc - dominic.leblanc@parl.gc.ca


  1. What is the email address to send the letter to Canadian government?

    1. I have added the email addresses to the entry :)

  2. It goes beyond belief how any human being can be part of or ignore the torture and pain these helpless innocent seals have not only been put through but continue to be put through. It MUST END NOW!!!

  3. Save innocents, who can't defend themselves - only suffer... be merciful
    Love is more important, than money...Not to blood, yes - to love!

  4. How someone in charge of such a beautiful Country can sanction this kind of horrific behaviour is beyond comprehension.
    Any real Fur or skins belong on the Animal that was born with it !

  5. Please stop this inhumane process. Seals or any other animals should not be treated in this way.

  6. I can't believe that such a barbarian thing is still going on. I am a proud Canadian, but this enterprise tarnish all of us. Please, stop it - It's 2018!