Sunday, 2 October 2016

RAISE UR PAW FOR HOPE: Making A Stand Against Breed Specific Legislation

Enough is Enough... We Need To Take Action Today!

     This OCTOBER 2016, we at RAISE UR PAW, are urging everyone to please play your active role and help in the fight against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) by joining united for our #RaiseUrPaw4Hope Campaign... H.O.P.E (Helping Out Pitbulls Everywhere)

     The H.O.P.E Campaign was designed not only to raise awareness about the extreme issue BSL, but offer education about a misunderstood breed that has been targeted due to fear and ignorance of a prejudice society, and shine the light on those innocent lives who perished and the ones who are needing our help so desperately today.

Will You Join Today?

     With your participation and support, you are showing the world that you are making the time to appreciate and spread education about a breed of life that should not be discriminated against,  that you are bringing to public attention that change of perceptions and stereotypes are needed, and that we all need knowledge and foster positive attitudes towards these beloved canines, and not punish an entire breed or responsible owners due to the bad reputation and image that society has placed upon them.


   We encourage everyone to please Tweet, Post, Share, Tag Photos of you or you and your pet, raising ur paw high against BSL & showing support for #RaiseUrPaw4Hope - Please Use The Hashtag and let's stop this discrimination together. Share Your Photos With Us @RaiseUrPaw & We Will Retweet Your Support

PLEASE ALSO STOP BY AND PURCHASE OUR "HOPE" CAMPAIGN T-SHIRTS TODAY - All Proceeds Go Directly To The Efforts To End BSL & To Helping Innocent Lives In Need => ( 5 Pawsome Colors To Choose From)


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