Wednesday, 20 January 2016


    When Animal Organization PETA released the investigation video via social media about the treatment of a tiger at Bowmanville Zoo, a tsunami of outrage and outpouring of concern from individuals and other animal organizations quickly followed.  It sparked a worldwide demand of not only the removal of the innocent animals but also to revoke the permits/licenses of Mr. Michael Hackenberger, the accused who appeared on the video, apparently whipping the tiger at least 19 times (according to media sources)

   According to releases the OSPCA quickly began investigation, and even put out a statement on Dec. 23, 2015 reassuring the public that the society would be making sure that the animals were getting the care they require while the investigation was going on, and also stated that due to no immediate distress the animals could not be removed from the premises of the zoo.

     Even though there appeared much hope in the society to do what is right for the animals, this statement of reassurance did not sit well with countless others, especially when more footage and past allegations against this individual and zoo surfaced. 

     This here started a whole new whirlwind of outrage, not only for the zoo and the individual accused but also towards the OSPCA, especially since there has been no further updates on the investigation.  This has raised many questions and intentions of the OSPCA and there is much concern that this case could possibly be swept under the rug until forgotten.

    We are truly hoping that this will not be the outcome, and that these innocent lives will not end up being “failed” by the Government or the organizations whose duties are to protect and save the lives of the innocent.  We need to unite as one powerful voice and make the difference that is so desperately needed. 

Please RAISE UR PAW Worldwide.

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