Sunday, 10 August 2014

#NODOGMEAT - Be One Of A Million Voices

Dear People of the World;

     We at RAISE UR PAW want to personally thank all those that have raised their paws and voices against the illegal dog meat trade – a barbaric and inhumane industry that is claiming millions of dogs/cats as part of a sadistic action that many are claiming to be “culture” – such places as South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and others.

     Although there are countless animal angels speaking out against this issue, it seems that many of our voices are going unheard – unseen by those that have the power to put pressure upon the Governments of these countries and it is time that we demand to be heard and action taken – to come together and create one strong voice in order to stop this inhumane torture and slaughter once and for all.

     As you all know, there are activists on the ground in these places working tirelessly and dedicated in order to make a stand and stop this brutality towards our companion family members – trying desperately to save as many as they can, seeing first hand the inhumanity that these innocent lives are forced to endure – where these dogs/cats face deprivation and unimaginable torment from the very moment that they are born until the day that someone comes to claim their life – and in reality it is going to take more than just the tears of humanity to end this barbaric ordeal... it is going to take the voices of the people.

     We believe that the power of change is in the voices of the world, that together as one we can break the chains of silence that has permitted this plague to continue to spread rapidly – but we need the participation and support of all – to use our voices to create a storm that the whole world will take notice of (media and Government attention included) to show not only the greatness of our nation, but that human kind still exists.

      The main question at this point is not what has happened to humanity? But what humanity can do to stop this trade- to free the innocent lives that are imprisoned in cramped, rusted cages (no water, exercise, medical attention or companionship)– being brutally butchered in front of other live dogs/cats – through electrocution, being beaten, hung, or burnt to death – because these people believe that the more these innocent babies suffer the more the consumer will enjoy both health benefits and meat – a truly sadistic action.

     Please be involved in the good fight - to be one of a million people against the dog/cat meat trade who are making a stand and raising their voices to be heard.  United as one we stand, to save the lives of the innocent and to be part of the solution. Only you can make the choice to be a voice!

Thank You!

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