Thursday, 16 January 2014


DOGFIGHTING might have been the motive to an overnight break-in at the TEXARKANA ANIMAL SHELTER in TEXARKANA, ARK. 

    According to officials FIVE PITBULLS, A CAT and some PET SUPPLIES were stolen from the ANIMAL CARE and ADOPTION CENTER on the Arkansas-side, not to mention thousands of dollars in damages, estimated cost to the shelter.

     CONNIE SLATER, who is the Animal Care and Adoption Center EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, stated that the surveillance video at the shelter showed the alleged thieves going through the building and stealing pitbulls -- also commenting that the crime has left them all devastated and praying for the safe return of their pets.

    Investigators examined the area, and found that the back door had been broken and the areas where the cameras had been shattered.

CONNIE SLATER stated that they supply room had been ransacked, and that this has been the FIFTH TIME that the shelter had been broken into in the last two months, but this time they have a better VIDEO of the alleged thieves.

SLATER believes that all the break-ins are related, and voices her concerns that these stolen dogs are possibly being trained to dog fight and that is why she and the people of the shelter are begging desperately for the public to step up and help, because they can see this becoming a very bad situation.

She truly hopes that those responsible for the break-ins are caught and brought to justice, before it is too late.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated and if you have ANY INFORMATION that could help authorities please call the TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS POLICE DEPARTMENT.    

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